Pre Written Services

Personalized Celebrations of Life: The stories we tell are the memories you will keep.

Our funeral writing service is written by professional funeral celebrants trained at the Celebrant Foundation and Institute. Although celebrant funerals are popular today, celebrants are not in every town. With our funeral writing service, you can have celebrant style funeral services written by pros and performed by a friend, yourself or added to the ceremony of your clergy and funeral director. Keep in mind that celebrant funeral ceremonies mark and end and beginning, you’ve got only one chance to get it right and leave a legacy of yourself, or your loved one. John O’Donohue wrote, in the book, Anam Cara: A renewal, indeed a complete transfiguration of your life, can come through attention to your senses. Your senses are the guides to take you deep into the inner world of your heart. The greatest philosophers admit that to a large degree all knowledge comes through the senses. The sense are our bridges to the world. Human skin is porous; the world flows through you. Your senses are large pores which let the world in. Through attunement to the wisdom of your senses, you will never become an exile in your own life, an outsider lost in an external spiritual place which your will and intellect have constructed. ~~ And this is what is lacking in too many of the traditional Funeral services that we all have endured.  Who says so? The funeral industry conducted a report recently. Then they completely buried it.  These were the key findings

 -People hate going to funerals
 -They leave exhausted
 -Fewer people are having services

To sum up these findings: People dread going to a funeral.  They feel bored, sad and angry. What would change this?  

Better written, planned and performed services.  In other words, a personalized service written by an experienced Celebrant. Something that truly honors yourself or your loved one. To date, the funeral industry has been slow to accept our help (or anyone else’s) with their problem.  We need to change the conversation. We are done asking for change from an industry that does not want or accept change easily.  Baby Boomers have never found a ritual that they did not want to reinvent! We are your active partners. Please email me at the link below and be sure to let us know if you would like to preplan your flowers and final arrangements as well.

Reverend Ronald Hunt
Modern ND Minister and Life Cycle Celebrant