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Personalized Celebrations of Life: The stories we tell are the memories you will keep.

As a current owner of a chocolate Labrador and two Shih Tzu’s, as well as previous cats, dogs, turtles and fish, I can speak to the unconditional love that our pets have for and receive from us. I have many friends with equine pets who are truly their closest confidants.

One of the reasons I chose to study Celebrancy was to be able to offer funerals for animals, and provide a sacred space for animal lovers to openly grieve and memorialize their animal companions. Invariably, they relate a story about the loss of their dearly loved cat, or the heart wrenching decision to euthanize their dog, or the tragic, untimely death of their animal friend – unquestionably a beloved family member. By the time our conversation ends, I feel like I knew Amos, Elmer or Buddy well. Still, others share that they anticipate an imminent loss and feel reassured by the prospect of honoring their pet’s life with an end of life tribute when the time comes. At the time of these great losses, it is helpful to have a ceremony to mark their passage and to ease the transition.

Please follow this link if you would like me to work with you on creating a Celebrant funeral ceremony for your loved one.
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